Pondi is over


We whisper “I love you, I love you too.”
Is it the sea, or the swing that makes it magical?
Here we are, grown up but so young,
thinking that time is ours.
I felt so powerful.
I thought we could pass any obstacle together,
but did she?
How I loved looking at her watching the sea
to find some patterns in it.
How she loved drawing when I was playing Milady.
I lost my crown. Maybe I lost my head too.
I still remember that awesome first kiss,
but does she?
Life is what it is, I guess
and for every Wonderland there is the real world.
But NO! Time is not ours, we belong to it.
And unless we become one,
even together, we wouldn’t be able to pass the smallest obstacle.
Expectations; where’s the evil in this good?
Pure Karma.
I will do what’s necessary to get Pondi back,
but will she?
Pondi was extraordinary, way beyond imagination.
But Pondi is over. So are we.
And here we are, so young but already grown up,
whispering “I hate you, I hate you too.”


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