She made me an artist


Talent and imagination are incorruptible values,
but love; love instead is learned.
And yes, she taught me.

Re-wire your brain,
you and I are gonna do great things together she told me.
Blank sheets and a pen, what more do you need?
What else do you expect from life?
Stop thinking and let your creativity take over.
But I was skeptical.
How would I allow that distorted mind to say a word?

Re-wire your brain , Beauty is all about love she told me.
Accept and love the man in the mirror before you love me.
Those drawings looked like scratches for me, but meant so much to her.
Those fingers are destined to greatness.
You don’t have to dig in for memories,
Hold my hand and let’s express the future.

But I held something else,
too preoccupied contemplating and exploring that perfectly designed body .
God is a hell of an artist I thought.
I want to draw your music she said.
Just close your eyes and caress Milady.
I don’t want to get lost, hold my hand I told her.

But she held something else.
I was levitating, re-discovering the world.
How can you not love a girl who loves what she does?
You guessed it; she held my heart.

Oh my God ! I’m in love, it’s a beautiful day.
I was not on cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, not even on caffeine.
But time was too slow for me.
Yes she was my drug, I was on her.
And like an addiction I needed more and more of her.
I wanted to express the beauty of her complexity.
I would write a book just to talk about her eyes.
She was my muse.

And when she finally broke my heart.
Re-wire your brain, I’m not yours, she told me.
The end of something beautiful could be the beginning of something horrible.

The sky has fallen, but I couldn’t be sad.
She left me but that love is still there.
It lives every time I take a pen and some blank sheets.
What more do I need? What else do I expect from life?
The end of something beautiful could be the beginning of something magical.


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