Bekele, Milady and Angelica

“_What are you writing?
_My soul.
_Who are you writing your soul to?
_To my world Milady, to you.”

Milady is my queen, she’s my number one I swear.
She made me a lover. She likes when I say that,
but she was destroyed when she found out that there is a number three.
I’m such a bastard, I promised her all my love.
But I have too much love, she should like sharing it.
She didn’t talk to me for months, that was not fair.
So… Dinner, flowers, jewels. Well, I apologized.

Bekele represents the fury in innocence.
She’s fragile, sweet but venomous.
In the vegetable world she would be a carnivorous plant.
Let’s say she’s my princess, and I’m her dragon.
She tried handling Milady, not a big success.
“Tell her to get her hands off me”. Yeah, Milady can be a bitch sometimes.
But Bekele has something special; She believes, she made me a believer.
That flame in her heart, that’s why she means the world for me.
No one really understands our relationship, including me.
Especially when she asked me “Who is that whore?”

She is not a whore and her name is Angelica.
She gives me wings, and makes me see in the unimaginable.
She is Angel Gabriel and I’m virgin Mary.
I’m always high with her (literally)
She’s my LADY and I’m her SIR.
She opened my eyes and made me a discoverer.
That was necessary; I discovered that she is a serial heart-breaker.
But I’m not afraid, mine is in diamond.
When the time comes, I will marry her.
And prove to the world that when the ugly meets the weird
Something wonderful comes out of it. But for now she’s my mistress.

Milady makes it possible for me to communicate my emotions; She’s my HEART.
Bekele brings me joy everyday, she makes me laugh so much; She’s my HART.
Angelica brings me the light, I’m so proud of what she will become; She’s my ART.
They are all part of my life, just like they are part of yours.
Identify your Milady, your Bekele and your Angelica.
Because when you truly love and believe in what you do, then only you discover your true potential.