Half a Cube

Half a crown and half a cloud.

Half a heart and half a shade. 

Half a sheet of paper and half a pen,

That’s all you need to uncover half a world.


Half a plane cannot fly the sky.

Half a phone cannot make a call.

Half a shield cannot protect from the fire,

And half a ball cannot roll over. 


Half a story cannot be understood.

Half a friend cannot be reliable. 

Half a ring cannot give you a fiancé,

And half a woman cannot be loved. 


Half a mind cannot think properly.

Half a mouth cannot say a word.

Half a solution cannot be a solution,

And half a trial is just a failure.


Half a clothe cannot cover your body.

Half a dog cannot bark.

Half a joke cannot make you laugh.

But half a poison is still a poison, don’t mess with it.


Half a breast cannot feed a baby.

Half a father is not a parent. 

Half a movie cannot win an award,

And half of this… 


Half a puzzle cannot be solved,

And if this story seems half normal,

It’s because it’s said by half a poet…