There and back again

As usual it starts with a brutal ending

Ending of an irregularly splendid flight

The flight of a butterfly

That shouldn’t have found it’s way to my stomach.

“I get more confident when I look into your eyes,

because I see myself in them”

The joy of being someone’s break.

We knew it all along, didn’t we?

We’ve taken a path we knew had… No future?

The game of love is wicked.

Especially when one of the players is

Well… already in another match.

December is the coldest month of all.

As soon as we stumble, make a faux-pas

The blaming game automatically starts.

We blame each other while blaming ourselves.

And we start regretting events we hoped for.

Our cute-smiling faces change to demons’

And our little nothing, that could be something

finally takes me to that unhappy realization.

Only Pondi can be better than Pondi.

There and back again

As usual it ends with a beginning

The beginning of a new story.

The story of reality

December is the coldest month of all.


Unusual Hero

I have asked myself what I will be if we’re no longer friends.

Memories behave like wine.
They get better with time.
And no matter how much we try,
Time gets rarer with time.
As I watch through the kaleidoscope
Time going from ally to enemy
I wish I could take you on a trip 
to our emotions and feelings.
Take you to the naive moment
When you and I, the two wings of a butterfly,                                                                 would ignore the night to talk about crushes and crashes.

I would love to take you back to the womb,                                                                   to create a cocoon out of my care in order                                                                     to protect you from today’s unnecessariness.
But as much as I would  love to,                                                                                      I am limited to being a normal person.                                                                           It saddens me because people cannot do so much.

I have asked myself what I will be if we’re no longer friends. And now I have the answer. I will be your hero.

I will be your unusual hero, your outlaw, you’re cow-girl. 
I will break hearts, break souls, break the law for you.
I will steal people’s happiness to make smile again. 
Bring back the sun whenever you the world to dark and cold. 
I will make you once again believe in your name, Love. 
If only my words cannot protect you, and time cannot be reliable. 
My heart will imprison you and my love will be a camisole to you.

Because I’m your unusual hero, your friend.

A special mention to Zainab and Lovanxa