Loving an Art(ist)

I learnt…

Art can be infectious,

Like a bug that clasps and fills every breach.

With him I,

Re-live each moment

Evoke every memory

Find feelings a tangible form

Release even petty emotions

And give ordinary objects, extraordinary versions.

And then,

Thoughts and ideas don’t only dwell in minds

Expression becomes the key

Words become important for my existence

Aesthetics now, hold deeper meanings.

But also,

Necessary and unnecessary hardly find a difference anymore

Past becomes something I have lived all along

Feeling everything, even if against my will

Cause I have no choice but to see vision through his eyes.

If only,

Those glimmering eyes, appended with a happy smile

And the touch of warmth with that perfect grasp

Didn’t inebriate my soul… would make paradise seem merely trivial.

Having sex became too dirty, so we made love

Feeling bliss was hard to escape, thereafter.

Along the way,

Satisfaction gained supreme priority

My every insight, every idea,

Every effort to bring joy is never enough

Cause he’s always,

Just a dollar above me.

In the end I learn,

His art gave life…to me, to ‘US’.

Mon amour(my love) is an artist

…That’s why I learnt,

Art can be infectious,

Like a bug that clasps and fills every breach.

And I… got infected.


What if God was a child?

What if God was a child?

And everything we know, everything we are

Our very existence, his playground.

If God was a child, it would explain

Why all the information required to create you lie (Oops! Grammatical error, should be “lay”. But who cares? Children make mistakes. So God certainly does too) in one single molecule.

Because children love simplicity.

It would explain why your body is made up of trillions of little organisms,

Working hard to keep yourself together.

It would explain the mystery of black holes, wormholes and time travelling

And why some of our well-defined physics properties don’t apply in smaller scales

So wait… Maybe God really plays dice with the universe.

If God was a child, it would mean

That wars are just battles of lego soldiers, 

The reason why they never seem to end 

Is that Children are playful.

The end of a war means the beginning of a new one.

It would mean that 

All the Kingdoms and Empires that have run the world were just lego houses

That’s why, no matter how significant some societies were, they always crumbled

Which means that this system will fall.

If God was a child, it would explain

Why God doesn’t seem to see your struggle

Children get easily distracted so

When you say “Lord knows”, maybe he doesn’t.

Children can be really mean sometimes

Before you give up on a good job, spouse and children

Commit yourself in mind and soul for a place in heaven

Have you considered the possibility that God does not like you?

Children can be very shy so

If God was a child, it would explain

Why he seems to never manifest himself.

The infentile character of love, But also, its cruelty

Because when children love they care, and when they don’t they quit.

If it’s true that we are the image of God

And if God himself was a child, it would explain

Why we don’t stop asking questions.

Because children are curious.

Now If this hypothesis for you is hard to swallow

And you’re still attached to the image of God with a halo

Start exploring the possibilities of the end of your world being tomorrow

Because for me, God is a marshmallow.

Now think about it…

I Wish

I wish I could stop thinking sometimes. I wish there was a switch that I could just turn off and all my thinking processes would just stop and I could live a moment of
peace, of serenity and calmness; escape the turmoil, the hurricane, escape life. I wish I was stone-cold, I wish I was heartless. But worse, I am vulnerable and naive. So naive that, that I would let just about anybody walk all over me.

It’s sad to live in this world. It’s better off alone or maybe with that one person you know who wouldn’t leave, cheat, betray or stab you. But will I ever find someone like that? Maybe a friend or a soul mate. What about family? No, they wouldn’t let me live the way I want to. They wouldn’t let me pursue the dreams I want to live. They think they’re protecting me but what they do not see is that I’m just dying of suffocation. Locked, caged, over-protected. That’s not what I want. I want to live like a bird. Independent and free with the sky being my limit. But no, I can only dream this dream. Because with these restrictions and set of rules and regulations set by family and society, I’m never going to be who I want to be. My secret desires will only remain a secret, locked up in a treasure box and thrown into the deep bottomless sea.

But I need to be strong, be confident to achieve my dreams and why I shouldn’t I? Isn’t this my life to live? Isn’t it my decision to make? Nobody can own me. Its my life to live and I have all rights to live the way I want to live it. This conservative society will lock me down but only if I let them to do so. I will have to help myself. Stand up for myself. Live for myself. Be myself. I shall not bow down to a society that believes, girls are meant to stay within the four walls of her house. A society that thinks that a girl alone, by herself is not capable of protecting her body and integrity. A society that thinks a girl must always and should be accompanied by a man to protect her. I can protect myself. I can stand on my two feet and earn enough to feed myself when I grow up. I know I can’t do much, but that’s just for now. In time I will break through all bonds, all chains, all clutches and all walls. One day I will be free and independent just like that bird and soar up high in the sky. One day I will live my life just the way I dream to live it.


I have always wondered…What it is to be with someone?

Is it to hold hands all day long…and hold it tight?

Is it to share your mind and body…and be naked?

Is it to stay connected all the while…and never miss a moment?

Or is it to do it all…and leave no gaps?

I tried all of it…but it went in vain…

This someone never stayed,

instead gave hurt to yearn.

I wondered again… What is needed to make someone stay?

Is it about the relationship…you needed to give a name?

Is it about the time….you needed to spend?

Is it about the goods…you needed to exchange?

Or is it about the words…that needed to be spoken?

I tried all of it again…but it went it vain…

This someone went away

and gave experience to gain.

I had just begun to wonder again…

When one day, the right someone came and said,

Sometimes it’s only to be there,

to stay over like a shadow, to make feel presence

to know to let go and to be the unknown.”

On hearing,, I heard my heart thud

Too weary for my young soul,

And then I heard a whisper, it said

Come with me.”

With this I knew,

Being with someone is  to believe.