The question of survival

Gimme some time,

Let me see the rain fall,

I don’t know how to ask,

Of something I have none of,

I just want to see,

The drops fall, from my window,

I know these questions may be important,

But there have been so many,

It feels like my life is being sucked,

Regardless of my decisions,

The child inside,

Is begging for resurgence,

It’s funny that I have to choose,

Something that will help me live,

When I can’t even let go,

Spend some time on my own.


So please…

Gimme some time

I want to see the rain fall

Maybe today is the last

At least I know I’ve lived some.


To the Desert Winds

Don’t go away, dear wind,

Stay here..for just some more time,

The fire burns hot,

In these deserts,

The days are as slow,

As our mouths are dry.

Sand is the earth,

Where not a drop resides,

Why don’t you bring me some?

Just a little..for my dear sweet sisters,

They are too young to know,

What it feels like to be bitter,

Clear or littered,

Gold or white,

If it’ll quench our thirst,

Then it’s alright.

My brothers hope to dance,

As they do in them pictures,

We hope to grow old,

To work like these misters,

But I realize that death is more real,

And that more like mama’s fiction.

Goodbye dear wind,

Farewell for now,

When you come back,

Bring some clouds,

I may not see the rain,

That’ll fall while I sleep,

But maybe it’ll be enough,

To allow them to weep.