Nathan is a frail soul, scared, full of anger and lost in this small but vast world. He doesn’t like a variety of things including people, love and life. weird, right?
So here I write Nathan’s fears and misadventures, his dreams and aspirations, his happiness and sorrow in hopes of you understanding him a little better. For I am Nathan, I am NoSayNoSee. Come and see.


Life – a sought after chase to elucidate its true drift, essence and purpose. Along the way, we happen to stumble upon people who, at the fore, seem to be complete strangers, yet have touched our lives in what seem to be paltry ways. As once said, “Art comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable.” We’re all here to share this typical journey, nevertheless, with our unprecedented, atypical touch that we give to it. That’s what makes life so distinct, so noteAhrMtYGj-nfzZxMWTZabJ8ShYBfShPnMF855tfCvyBdxworthy. Trying my hand at writing and music, expression becomes my promenade to wholly gratifying completeness. I don’t just think, I feel. I don’t just exist, I live. I don’t just read, I experience. I don’t just write, I bleed.

Able to witness, experience and partake in even a minor part of art and all the artists’ lives from all over the world, has created an indelible imprint in my own. I feel gaiety knowing that more lives are being connected. However, it isn’t the destination that matters, but more so, the journey. Fascinated by the depth and profundity of abstract ideas, vague and bizarre, their thought-provoking nature intellectually stimulates a purpose in my life. Not merely being a part, I am NoSayNoSee, hoping to bring clarity to thoughts, meaning to expressions, purpose to life, but still leaving a little unsaid for you to figure out…



“What you seek, is seeking you.” – Rumi. The story of my life by the poet of my life. I write as catharsis, hence very rarely is it objective or experimental.  I don’t share blame. I don’t share credit. I most definitely don’t share my dessert.

Some-time writer ,Part-time lover, Full-time dreamer.
Be kind. Take care of those you love and you won’t worry a day in your life.
“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground”.
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AnuLALvz0cXM_yLaD_uW9m-Hbh_soI8BNgq2V-N6UYKDI’m NoSayNoSee. I’m Zeb. Specialization is not my quality. I speak; I draw; I click; each one having an expression of its own.

I speak times of life. I speak moments of indulgence. I speak distressed ticks. I speak dwelling ideas. But I’m no unconventional writer. I just speak heart.I draw shapes. I draw abstract. I draw mind convulsions. I draw beauty in disguise. But I’m no odd artist. I just draw mind. I click sights. I click colors. I click creative constructions. I click appeal. But I’m no expert. I just click imagination.

Heart; Mind; Imagination; building my relationship with art establishes my communication to self. Therefore, In Art I Believe.



Just a young individual looking to find meaning in life and any excuse to let the adrenaline flow.
You’ll find him scaling walls and losing himself in the closest forest. Feel at one with nature. Love. Laugh. Live.

I’m just. .You’ll find me.

Aviary Photo_130803305771066149


I absolutely love reading. And nothing is better than reading a good piece of poetry (completely subjective) and trying your best to figure out what it means ( which is again subjective). It fascinates me how a poet or writer’s general being kind of seeps into their work. Once in a while I write and sometimes I like it.





My passion is to capture that moment , that one moment that defines me.

Why do I click? Its hard to say .

A camera in hand and a view through it changes everything I see . I see a whole different world through it , the smallest of the things show the brightest of colors.

Why do I click ? Its still hard to say…..





In life where leaves go brown,
Where nothing is constant,
And death is unannounced,
Where memories fade,
And experiences no longer exist,
People change,
And perceptions become different,
And happiness maybe eternal or temporary,
And wealth and health don’t promise safe sanctuary,
If the world is my home,
And its people my family,
And all of me is because of these factors or reasons,
And all living beings are my soul..
Then I am an illusion..
Nothing more.


AmfEx4fXK7_L4uH8ZrCBmftNaAOu0lbal6tImI1b_PsCAkshatha, my name!
It means something that can’t be destroyed. I want to live my name. I want to go living forever. That’s possible if I kept a part of me alive forever. And that one part, for me, is poetry. It keeps me alive, when I’m alive, and will keep me alive when I’m not. Little English assignments, a secret diary, maybe that’s how I started. But it took me places, showed me wonders. Brought me into a pool where I could swim for free. People around me dived from great different heights. And that kept me going. That kept me swimming. And here I am, in the pool of Nosaynosee, learning to plunge into the pool of art, from a better height…


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