Everyone thinks Lyra is pretty.
Her beauty fell off her high cheekbones,
And landed onto the soft cushions of her full lips.
They weave tales with her DNA,
And sew their hearts with strands from her braided hair,
While I look on puzzled,
Not understanding how they don’t see,
With each push of the needle,
They also poke a bleeding hole,
That stains it’s natural colour.
Don’t misunderstand,
I love her…but,
All I know is that when I rush to her room,
For sanctuary,
Her bed is warm and inviting,
But she isn’t there.
Her vacant stare catches my breath,
But not in the way,
It would a lover looking at her loved one.
Her smile is devastatingly sad,
Because unlike everyone,
I know her.
I know how beautiful she actually was,
Behind that porcelain prison everyone praises,
That not a minute ago,
She looked outside her window,
Watching the pieces of her soul fly past her,
Into the night,
As she waited,
Waited for her heart to return,
While she stood there,
Dying slowly,
In the arms of such insanity,
Only longing could design.



The fragrance no longer diffuses.
The smiles no longer spread.
Humanity is no longer humane.
Everything comes down to wins and gains.

Being selfish is habitual.
Altruism cannot exist.
The ubiquity of fakeness
Has its pinnacle embedded in genuineness.

Being an ingenuous kid is accepted well
But growing up seems to have something misspelt.
Because with age comes experience where
Solid bonds and chivalry is a rather alien affair.

Naïve it is to remain true..
To what you feel, to even be you.

She said…

To the ones barking at me,

I’ve gotten thoroughly violated, exposed, and tainted, with all due credits to you. My sanity has been disposed of well and my purity has acquired many keys. I’m no longer left with self-conscious and respect. All roles of mine have been conveniently forbidden immaculacy. My objectifications at all your endeavours seem to have gained much profit. You have become quite prosperous and satisfied by merchandising my form. The power you pose has made your origin of existence itself loose identity. Now, being also seems empty without assault and abuse. I have accepted fear and throughout remain scared from exposing my anatomy. The days seem incomplete without pain and cries. It’s exemplary to see you never stop. Now having broadened your areas, you’ll fetch more catches. The buses and vans are very feasible and well equipped. You’re charisma and oomph is indeed commendable.  The other day, I told my babies about you, they’re too, ready for you. All set to get tickled and explored. They’ve asked me to teach them subservience and surrender for making it easier to behave. All the mishandling, misuse and misdeeds has surely been affluent. That barbarousness has successfully slaughtered my virtue. Trust me, your business will expand and reach far beyond, it’s so promising that harassment and prostitution seems so convenient. Most of all, I’m astounded by your insatiability and heinousness. All this leading the formation of the perfectly ideal solitary society. It requires much applause. 

Thank you but no thanks,


Transcending Cupid’s Arrow

Heart beats escalating
And goosebumps tingling.
Mind going tipsy,

Can almost taste the pain.
The love, the hurt, in it.
Brutality hits hard
Bringing nostalgic chills.

Trauma left alone,
The sorrow, forlorn.
You’re the epitome of
All that is felt, atoned.

Pleasure, joy, felt like never before
Expectations met, given much more.
Reminiscent or ventilation
Of everything borne.

Feelings have a voice.
It is called Music.
It transcends beyond even
The arrow struck by Cupid.

Music makes you do it all-
Laugh, cry, bleed, fall, appall.


That warm, pleasant morning
Held great prominence to me.
But my fear wrecked me greatly
I could not succeed.
Yet through my tears I’d seen
Your smiling presence, comforting me.

In the rain I walked
Been given chores to carry out.
Going back was not an option
But I no longer knew the direction.
Yet my disorientation was short lived
As I had you beside me to walk with.

Shivering in the cold
I was bound to fall ill.
The insensitively brutal weather
Showing no respite whatsoever.
But you sheltered me from it all,
Let me feel nothing at all.

Now years have passed and time is my only enemy.
I close my eyes and recall seeing you by my side endlessly.
I can’t be too sure though, if you were an illusion or a memory
It was so long ago, sometimes I question my sanity.
All truths are ephemeral, expecting otherwise is a futile tendency.
Evanescence is inevitable, nothing lasts for an eternity.


Big mass of energy

Holding tight

Churning around




It’s hard to explain

It just wants to explode

It’s fighting its way out

Surroundings aggravating it.

Can’t swallow nor stop it!

Why is life being so unfair?

When finally the crossroad has been pared

Everything seemed to settle in its perfect places

And right about time something appeared.

It wasn’t unexpected but it had a bad timing.

Don’t be a hurdle I said.

It frowned.

Don’t be a hurdle I requested.

It didn’t listen.

My big mass of energy grew

Paining more this time.

I didn’t wanna fight it but it left me with no choice.

Now here it is,

I will speak

I will say


It will listen

It will understand.

It had its time now it’s mine.

I can decide

For myself.

Catch Me

Your look
Makes me weak inside.
Your scent
Drives me wild.
Your talk
Flickers a spark within.
Your kiss
Makes me lose myself.
Your touch
Makes me restless for more.

I’m no longer in control.
I’m in your hands.
You play me like strings of a harp.
Ever so gentle,
Getting me to moan to your touch.
Getting my inner core to sing to you.

When we’re alone
Our passion ignites us.
We’re a house on fire.
When people are around,
You walk in front of me,
So no one notices.
But how do I walk behind you,
Without me leaning into your scent?
I’m torn.. Trying to hold back,
Trying not to give in to my senses.
I still stand before you
With that unspoken connection,
Only we know of.

You make me weak.
You make me vulnerable.
You crack my shell, making me insecure.
Why do I let you overpower me?
This is not how I’m supposed to feel.

But am I in this alone?
Do you realise what you do to me?
It’s a one-sided obsession
Where you’re my drug, my addiction.
I feel like I’m falling alone
With no one above me to stop me,
With no one beside me to fall with me,
With no one beneath me to catch me.


Tic-tac tic-tac. Time doesn’t wait.

Somebody press my head to the ground,

Heated by a flamboyant sun,

And with a Thor-like hammer shatter it.

To make me stop thinking about this situation.

Will you never say “no” ? Won’t you rebel someday?

Somebody make me discover the heights of scarification.

Feeling the rupture of my cutaneous layers

Seeing my blood rushing outside, to new world

Somebody please make me feel greater pain than despair.

Somebody make me know the delights of a whip.

This pain will certainly make me forget

your (planned) destiny.

Damn it, we’re talking about Our future – Our life

Won’t you fight for me too?

Won’t you prove them how strong is our love?

Will you always be the influenced one?

Will you always be “THAT FISH caught in THAT NET”?

Someone squeeze my neck with his hands,

so hard that I enjoy the lack of oxygen,

and put my head in water so I’m drowning (for real).

I’m sure that would make me forget my feelings for this place.

You know better. Yet you decide not to do better.

I suppose life in here will always be that way.

You can’t fight your family, can you?

I can’t take you away from your life, can I?

After all, I am the one coming from far away.

In this place, people can’t live their lives.

They live by the script written by their family.

I do not want to keep expecting,

Because I know, sooner or later you will capitulate to the rule.

Somebody.. please.. make me feel extreme pain

So I don’t see you evaporate from my future.

Tic-tac tic-tac. Time doesn’t wait..

To get to your arranged


Blinding Maze

Some nights aren’t as good as the rest
Where memories flood in,
The worst of the lot and the best.
Now you may argue it’s fun reliving those moments.
But clearly not when they’re prominently painful instants.
Joy, love, excitement, you generally share with people.
But fear, agony, hurt breaks you alone into pieces.
Your mind isn’t so simple.. It is a blinding maze.
Attempting to figure it out leaves you most definitely in a daze.
There are dark, unsettling sections you dare not visit.
But like it or not, you find yourself in there, locked in a prison.
Your freedom is enchained..
Your imagination goes insane.
No amounts of sweet talking
Can stop you from falling.
You’re a victim of your own mind.
A prisoner lasting a lifetime
Until you gather the strength
To move forth with endurance.
I agree it’s a scary place
So dark you just cannot see.
I’ve been there a million times
Buckling down to trying times.
But life’s too short for you to crumble.
Stop pitying yourself and live life to the fullest.
You will be set free only once you claw your way out the cage
The cage your past, your present, your future creates.
It isn’t an impossible feat,
So don’t just admit defeat.
Go out there and fight it out!
Win against yourself first,
Be it with the rest,
or without.


She is..?
Is She, really?
The most beloved person in my world..
If She does exist
You’re wondering why you can’t see Her.
Don’t worry,
I often wonder the same.

A series of excruciating torment,
Helpless onlookers observing
An endeared body rip apart,
Bit by bit,
Right before you.
All you can do is watch.
You are incapable of miracles.
You are feeble, powerless, impotent.
You gape at the person who gave life to you.
You are audience to Her losing all the life She has left.
(In turn diminishing your life
Until it’s an empty vacuum
Hollow and bottomless)
Not all at once,
Oh no, She isn’t that lucky.
But slowly, gradually, painfully.
She passes on..
Leaving the living insensate and benumbed.

Malignancy is not a corporeal disease.
It’s more of a psychological terror and trepidation.
A parasite living off you.
She was host to an unwanted guest.
And soon enough,
She became slave to it.
Her life was controlled
And She was merely a puppet in its strings.

An inferno igniting a book
Filled with pages of Her life
Each chapter, Her story.
It burned with a blazing fire
Starting from the edges of the book
Unhurriedly kindling further portions
Until all that was left
Was ash.

One gush of the wind
And neither did the embers remain.
This was it.
Questions were left unanswered.
Words were left unspoken.
Reasons were left unexplained.
Appreciation was left untold.
Forgiveness was left unasked.
Love was left hidden.
Apologies were left unsaid.
Life was left incomplete.
And though the inferno swept her clean,
I’m trapped in eternal purgatory.